Marshall-DeKalb Electric Cooperative

Kiosk Locations

Commonly asked questions 

Question: Is there a fee to use a Pay Site Kiosk? 

Answer: Yes and No. If you pay with credit or debit card there is a fee of $3.75. IF YOU PAY AT THE KIOSK WITH CASH OR CHECK, THERE IS NO FEE!

Question: How long does it take my payment to post?

Answer: Payments will post real-time, immediately to electric account.

Question: What if I don’t know my account number or have a question about my bill?

Answer: Contact MDEC at 256-593-4262 for any electric account questions.

Question: Where is the nearest kiosk to my location.

Answer: The only one we have at this moment is located at Kilpatrick Pharmacy. 415 County Road 179, Crossville, Al 35962

Question: How do I know that my payment was recorded correctly?

Answer: The receipt serves as verification that payment was processed properly.

Question: Is the kiosk difficult to operate?

Answer: The system is operated by simple touch screens with easy to understand instructions (written and audio). The instructions are offered in English and Spanish

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