Marshall-DeKalb Electric Cooperative

General Requirements Check List


General Requirements Checklist

√  Did I wire my own pole, NOT a MDEC pole?

√  Shielded entrance cable (gray insulation) CAN NOT be direct buried or installed in conduit.

√  Switchbox location CAN NOT be in a bathroom

√  Are all of the wires continuous, with no slices?

√  If I used PVC conduit, is it gray electrical grade schedule 40 PVC?

√  Is my ground rod eight feet long and galvanized or copper clad?

√  Is the clamp holding the ground wire to the ground rod one piece?

√  Is the ground wire at least #4 bare copper?

√  Is the center of the meter base and disconnect connected with conduit and weather tight connectors?

√  Does the wiring for the main breaker meet the guidelines from the chart below?

√  Is the main breaker large enough to handle the load on the structure?

√  Is the weather head the correct type for service entrance cable or conduit?

√  Is the weather head a minimum of 12 feet from the ground?

√  Are there at least three straps holding the entrance cable or the conduit riser onto the structure or pole?

√  If aluminum wire is used, has penatrox or oxyguard been applied to all termination points?

√  Are all unused holes in meter base / disconnect closed?

√  Are there proper connectors installed on all circuits leaving or entering the breaker box?


  Disconnect copper wire aluminum wire conduit size
60 AMP #6 #4 1 ¼"
100 AMP #2 #2 1 ¼"
200 AMP 3/0 4/0  2"
400 AMP #500 MCM #700 MCM *

  * USE 3", 3 ½", OR 4" Conduit for 400 AMP service

   Equipment Ground for Mobile Homes - #6 Copper or #4 Aluminum


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