Marshall-DeKalb Electric Cooperative

Renewable Energy

What is Renewable Energy?

Have you ever been curious about renewable energy and how you could benefit from it or how it might affect you? Let’s start with with what renewable energy is. 

Renewable energy is energy that is created in ways that is not depleted when used such as wind and solar.


Non-Renewable energy is energy in which the source of the energy is created could run out, such as oil and fossil fuels.


Does MDEC sell or provide renewable energy?

MDEC does not sell renewable energy. We purchase electricity from Tennessee Valley Authority (TVA). TVA produces clean, low-cost, renewable power. Over 10% of the Valley’s existing energy comes from hydro generation.

If you are installing or interested about your renewable energy options, contact us at 256-593-4262. We have professionals that will be able to answer all your questions.

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