Marshall-DeKalb Electric Cooperative

Board of Trustees

MDEC Board of Trustees

Marshall-DeKalb Electric Cooperative is just that, it’s a cooperative. That means if you buy your power from MDEC, you are more than customer…you are a member/owner.
You have the power to influence your Cooperative. You have a voice by electing members to a board of trustees. Board members are elected from each district served by the cooperative, and work together to set policy and make financial decisions to strengthen the company.
Being a cooperative board member is by no means a full-time job. Those elected service their fellow cooperative members by learning as much as they can about the complicated electricity industry, and then applying that knowledge toward improving the cooperative service area.

MDEC Board of Trustees meetings are every third Monday of the Month.
This date can be altered. The Annual Board Meeting for 2023 will be on Monday, September 18th. It will take place at Fielder Auditorium
located on the Snead State Community College Campus.

Scott Bobo
MDEC General Manager

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