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The undersigned (and spouse if applicable) (jointly the “Customer”) hereby applies to Marshall-DeKalb Electric Cooperative (“MDEC”) for membership and electric service and certifies the information provided to be correct. The Customer (and Spouse), jointly and severally agree to the following provisions: 1. At time of application, Customer will pay a refundable membership fee of $5.00 and a security deposit of $ (depends on credit check) ¬¬ which will be refundable, without interest, if not forfeited to pay for delinquent bill or other damages. Connection fees and construction fees are not refundable. 2. Customer will pay for all power and energy used at the property, as determined by MDEC, per the applicable rate schedule, as adjusted from time to time, plus a late charge of 5% if not received by MDEC (not merely postmarked) by the “Due Date” as indicated on the Customer’s bill, plus a fee of $3.00 if not received within 2 days after said Due Date. 3. MDEC is hereby granted an easement to install and maintain its equipment, to access its meter (24 hours per day) and to trim and/or remove any vegetation MDEC determines necessary to prevent interruption of service. 4. MDEC may deny service if it detects a safety hazard in the Customer’s appliances or wiring or a violation of MDEC’s rules and regulations but is not under a duty to inspect the Customer’s premises. 5. Customer will not tamper with, adjust or relocate MDEC’s meter or any of its equipment. 6. Customer agrees to pay MDEC’s expenses and attorney fees incurred in enforcing this agreement or in collecting any sums due for services

Note: A soft credit check will be performed to determine the amount of your deposit, and we will contact you with the amount due. An order to connect your services will be generated after payment is received. Please keep in mind that we do not guarantee same day service. Once the order has been submitted, it will be connected that day or the next business day if possible. We understand the importance of electricity and do try our best to turn it on as soon as possible.

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